Category: travel Sergio De Bei March 8, 2016

Taking off


No shoes on my feet..the airplane started to move a few seconds ago..preparing for the flight..
I’m writing some notes of this text on a throw up bag, the first piece of paper that I found.
Nina is reading a book on her new ebook old man is on the last news..a woman is watching
a movie that I have already seen, a guy, one seat in front of us, with his back turned to ensure that nobody can see him, is sexting..
I try to involve Nina to spy on his phone..nothing one picture he is sharing, he is just
wearing some funny mask tipically for bondage. So, somehow, everyone is trying to relax in its own way.
Together we will fly to Instanbul and from there to Delhi.
I’m watching a random action movie but I’m so curious about this experience that is taking me over completely..ok ok..relax Sergio..
the plane is..the plane always takes my brain when it is taking off..nice and weird sensation every time that I fly.
The sun is so shining and the paper bag so white now.
Wow..the man, that was reading the newspaper, is already fell asleep..snoring deeply..Shhhhhhh