Category: travel Sergio De Bei March 9, 2016

A room with a view



We just is 7.30am.
After we pick up our backpacks, a man of few words is taking us to our hostel. The sky has a strange color, the sun a pale red glow.
The man does not seem to be talkative while is hurtling down a road as big as a highway.
A few lines to delimit the lanes that nobody seems to respect.
Almost all cars are white, whose monochrome is interrupted by people walking or riding bicycles like crazy.
Nina smiles worried.
The horn is a rule and needs to be honked regularly.
At one point the road narrows down and the street looks really dusty ..a cow appears on the left side of us ..
we arrive.
The guy takes us to the door and leaves us in the hands of the receptionist who welcomes us with a smile and two bottles of water.
Me and Nina look at each other suspiciously (everyone told us to be careful for water, even bottled water). The wifi is not working.
The receptionist asks his 10 year old son to show us our room.
Four stairs. The annoyed boy throws the keys on the bed.
The room, small and modest, looks pretty and with a nice view… (a brick wall).
Nina smiles again.. Possibly intrigued because of my reaction to everything that surrounds us.
A bed, a mirror and a ceiling fan.
The television in another room sounds loud. I cannot understand where the sound of the horns comes from, is it the TV or the street?